pco.edge 5.5 (10G FOL)
groundbreaking sCMOS technology for outstanding image quality

The pco.edge 5.5 operates with streaming via a 10G FOL (Camera Link HS). It allows you direct processing of large data transfers on your computer. This high-performance data interface makes it easy to securely bridge distances of more than 10 km.

It is equipped with a 16 bit scientific CMOS sensor for crisp images and precise measurements. In addition, you can upgrade the camera with a water cooling system.

If you require high resolution, high frame rates, selectable shutter variants and optionally a color sensor, the pco.edge 5.5 is just your solution.

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You can find more detailed info in pco.edge 5.5's data sheet and the scientific camera overview.
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  • 10G FOL data interface (Camera Link HS)
  • high-speed streaming camera
  • thermal stabilization at +7 °C
  • extreme low readout noise of 1.0 e- med
  • high resolution of 2560 x 2160 pixel
  • dynamic range of 30 000 : 1
  • quantum efficiency up to 60%
  • exposure times from 500 µs to 2s (Rolling Shutter)
  • exposure times from 10 µs to 100 ms (Global Shutter)
  • exposure times from 10 µs to 2 s (Global Reset)
  • maximum frame rate 100 fps
  • monochrome or color sensor
  • small form factor: 122.5 x 76 x 70 mm
  • optional: water cooling system

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  • pco.edge 5.5 monochrome sensor quantum efficiency curve
  • pco.edge 5.5 color sensor quantum efficiency curve