pco.dicam C4 LT

In case your application does not challenge the absolute technical limits in intensified imaging we have developed the pco.dicam C4 LT. This intensified sCMOS camera system grants you full access to true optical gated imaging.

The pco.dicam C4 LT is a budget friendly alternative to the standard and UHS models. At the same time, it is still based on the proven technology of the pco.dicam C4 platform.  
Its high-end tandem lens system equally distributes the incident light from a single optical input to the 4 individual channels - completely free of artifacts. Each channel can detect single photons with 51 ns shortest exposure time and up to 30 fps at full 2.3 MPixel resolution. 

The 4 x 10G fiber optic data interface (Camera Link HS) guarantees you uncompressed and secure data transfer, while its Forward Error Correction algorithms assure a maximum of data integrity. With the latest standard of high-performance data interfaces, you can bridge long distances via fiber optic cable.

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  • pco.dicam C4 front
  • pco.dicam C4 side
  • pco.dicam C4 rear
  • 四通道增强型sCMOS相机系统
  • 快门曝光时间可低51 ns
  • 204 ns内可采集4张图片,690 ns内可采集8张图片
  • 16 bit 动态范围
  • 像素1504 x 1504
  • 通过超高速串联透镜进行光学耦合
  • 提高的消光比门控
  • 18 mm成像增强器
  • 曝光开始延迟具有45 ns触发选项
  • 4 x 10G CLHS FOL (Camera Link HS, Fiber Optical Link)
  • 无需出口许可证

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